Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On Religion

Problems of Theism
(an interacting God with specific properties)
·      Unreliability of inner feeling
Cultural/familial specificity of ‘deeply felt truths known only to the mind’ renders it unreliable. Mutual incompatibility of religions. On chance alone expect yours to be wrong.
·      Unreliability of scripture
Historical unreliability and errors of holy books. Chinese whispers.
·      Incoherence
Theodicy/ Evil God Hypothesis, Inconsistent triad, Free will – Omniscience
Problems of Deism
(a non-interacting, mathematician/physicist creator)
·      Fallacy of composition, re: ‘first cause’
·      Unfalsifiability
Eg. Russell’s Teapot
Religion is comforting for some people, but that doesn’t make it true.
It was humanity’s first attempt at philosophy and science, to try and understand an emotionally difficult world.

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